Tumblr and Yahoo

Yahoo can’t wait to make Tumblr “more family friendly” how do they plan on this, 90% of this place is porn… tasteful porn mostly but not exactly your average U rating…

I'm Niamh, (say it like neve)

Adam is a poop head but he's my poop head ❤️

I adore Sons Of Anarchy, Orange Is The New Black, Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story, Suits and Game of Thrones.

I love love LOVE fight club, batman trilogy, LoTR trilogy and the Harry Potter series.

My favourite books are easily the Darren Shan Saga (but I love all his stuff)

I don't have many friends - they all leave but the ones who've stayed are cared for greatly. I like lots of things like art, music, equality and just nice people. I'll follow blogs that make me happy, I can relate to or help motivate me to get where I want to be.


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